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A fallen pair of soldiers.

 We never did make the 3000 mile mark. After all the time we spent together, sometimes feeling the relationship would last forever, then at other times, feeling that this could perhaps be our last outing together.

It all came to a head on a Sunday run two weeks ago. The City Centre to Sutton Park route, taking in the splendour of spaghetti junction. When viewed from the very depths of the structure, on a canal towpath, it is quite spectacular. That is, if concrete and tarmac highways, laid on top of and around one another, can be called spectacular. We’re all civil engineers at heart. But I digress. On the return leg of this particular run, a racing snake we will call NiceGuy, proceeded to up the pace, rapidly and relentlessly. As I struggled to not lose too much ground, my right foot started hurting. A kind of plantar fasciitis and midfoot metatarsal combination of discomfort. Not new to me you understand. It had come and gone for a few weeks now. But today it seemed different. It had purpose. It was saying “look, I’ve warned you for long enough now. If you don’t take action I shall have no option but to up the ante in this standoff”.

I managed to get home ok but it had forced my hand and made me consider that perhaps it was [dramatic pause]: time to replace my running shoes.


I totalled up the mileage. 2757 miles covered, since I first laced these Asics Cumulus trainers up. Knock ten percent off that for mileage covered in racing flats, spikes etc, and it comes to 2481. I’m rounding that up to 2500 miles and calling it a day.

I’ve introduced the new pair. Asics Stratus. First time I’m trying this model. They have no idea what they’ve signed up for.

I’ve now been in the Stratus a week and I have to acknowledge that my right foot pain has subsided, which is the final confirmation I required.

I guess if I was trying to draw some conclusion from all of this, it would be that running shoes, whilst nowhere near what the manufacturers would have you believe, do indeed have a useful life, after which they need to be replaced. I didn’t think that would be the conclusion I’d come to. After reaching 2000 miles in relative ease, I think I expected them to more or less last and last and last, until the material started falling apart or something. I didn’t think it would be in the business of “injury-avoidance” that they would be replaced.


So, the experiment has reached its end. Thank you Born to Run and Chris McDougall for planting the seed in my head.

And so, as one experiment draws to a close, another must just be beginning. Watch this space – the Stratus are on centre stage now. The floor is theirs.

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