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Yesterday I found a £5 note on my jog home from work.

It brings the total for “money found whilst running” in the past two months to £35. I found a tenner about 6 weeks ago, followed by a nice crisp £20 note about a month ago, and then yesterday, the fiver.

By contrast, in the past 12 months I have managed to secure a paltry £39 worth of prize vouchers from races (£15 for second, £12 for third, twice).

I’m no mathematician but it seems from a “financial returns” perspective, my time may be better spent scouring the countryside for loose change; rather than driving the countryside to far flung races.

Or perhaps I should run faster and stop staring at the ground ahead of me.

You think this is a barrel-scraper of a blog post? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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