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Press the button

What do distance runners know about upper body strength? That’s right, very bloody little… up until now.

Inspired by an idea aired on the MarathonTalk podcast , three of us decided to give it a go.

The premise is this: You do three sets of press-ups each day, starting with 1 per set, i.e. 3×1 and increasing each set by 1 press-up each day. So, day 2 is 3×2, day 3 is 3×3, day 4 is 3×4 and so on until, after 100 days, you reach 3×100.

The idea is that Joe Average couldn’t drop to the floor and produce 3 x 100 press-ups at the drop of a hat (sorry) but that he could if he followed this simple incremental process, thereby proving – in practice – the “training” principle.

That’s the theory.

Turns out I’m a wimp, and I didn’t make it past 3 x 21. (I conjured up a watered down version of the plan, suitable for lesser athletes, which worked well in my case – I dropped the 3 sets down to 1 set. But that’s not what this is about).

This is about Niceguy Eddie and Gracie, who both stuck to the task and pressed their way all the way to 3 x 100.

I filmed the culmination of the challenge. For your viewing pleasure, a badly edited version of said video footage is below.

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