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Saturday 17 April 2010

If ever you need putting in your place, there are a few events that will help you out. The national cross country champs is one. The national road relays champs is another.

The 12 stages are divided into 6 long and 6 short, alternating. The long stage is 5.4 miles, the short is 3 miles.

I ran leg 11 which is the last of the long stages. The course is on the roads and pathways around Sutton Park and, lets be honest, is a bitch. The first mile involves a sharp downhill, twists, turns, doubling back, disappearing into the woods and a lovely climb complete with 3 distinct houses of pain, roughly in that order. And that’s the first mile. To be fair, the rest of the course is not as bad, but invariably by the time you summit the triple-headed monster you’ve not got much in the way of “something in the tank”, and you basically hang on as best you can for the next 2 miles (if you’re lucky enough to be on a short) or just over 4 miles (if, like me, you have been “selected” to run a long one).

This year to date I have been focusing on base work and mileage and consequently my race-sharpness was non-existent. In fact I couldn’t really tell if I was putting in a race effort, so long has it been. Whatever, I felt strong out there if a little “rudely awakened”. My time was 31:35 which ain’t setting the world on fire I’ll admit, but is sub-6 miling (5:50s to be exact or 3:38 per km if that’s your flavour).

So where did it place me? There were 404 long stage runners on Saturday and my time put me joint 301st. I’d be a weak link in three-quarters of the teams taking part. In fact I’d struggle to be the mid-pack slacker I claim to be.

Still, the thing with relays is that they are, well, relays. Individual performances don’t mean much, team performances are what counts. And as small fish in a big pond we did ourselves proud. Our best showing in many years. 40th out of 62 teams.

We’re BRATS now by the way. Birmingham Rowheath has merged with our triathlon club to form one big, confusingly-named-but-theoretically-stronger club

40 Brats 4:47:25

Martin Matthews (38) 28:24

Anthony Gray (34) 15:30

Edward Banks (44) 31:45

Chris Horton (46) 17:23

Richard Gray (45) 31:34

Andy Kenchington (45) 16:47

Patrick Allaway (45) 31:57

Matthew Bayliss (43) 16:09

Guy Evans (43) 31:35

Mark Hirsch (42) 17:11

Mark Ince (42) 31:35

C Lindesay (40) 17:35

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