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Half life

Knocking big chunks off PBs is not something that happens to me very often. Generally speaking, I am past the “big improvement” section of my running career.

However, yesterday at the Birmingham Half Marathon, I did exactly that.

Before the race my half marathon PB stood at 1:20:12. I wanted to break the 80 minute barrier quite badly. (I first ran an 81-minute half marathon in 1993 – so had been staring at the 80-minute door for quite a while…)

After yesterday’s race my PB was 1:17:36. 🙂 What more can I say? Lots probably, but I’ll try not to. In a sentence: I went out sensibly, sped up a bit in the middle (not sure why that happened), then slowed down towards the end before managing a glory-hunting, final mile sprint down Broad Street. I would say it went perfectly, aside from the slight wobble between miles 9 and 11, but in my defence they were mostly uphill.

Our club had an excellent day out. First home was the legend that is Paul. 67 minutes in his first ever half marathon. What?? And he’s only 18. Next up was my training buddy Niceguy Eddie, who smashed his 75 minute target with a low 74. (His current form could have seen him a minute or two quicker, but he had some hamstring issues towards the end of the race and had to remove one of his legs and run with it under his arm, from what I heard). Next home was Matt, an 800m man, doing a nice gentle 76 minutes. Then there was another club mate who I don’t know, and then me. Richard just behind me in 78 minutes (coming back from injury) and Mr Dependable, Andy, running a solid 80 minutes and change. So we had 7 guys home in 80 minutes or quicker. Stand back Oregon Track Club, here comes Birmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon Club (that’s not a mouthful at all).

Here are my splits:

Mile       Time                 Split
1          00:05:42        00:05:42
2          00:11:37        00:05:55
3          00:17:31        00:05:54
4          00:23:25       00:05:54
5          00:29:17       00:05:52
6          00:35:02       00:05:45
7          00:40:32        00:05:30
8          00:46:41        00:06:09
9          00:52:39        00:05:58
10        00:58:46       00:06:07
11        01:05:30       00:06:44
12        01:11:37        00:06:07
13        01:17:04       00:05:27
13.1    01:17:36       00:00:33

Ave pace 00:05:55 min/mile
00:03:41 min/km

I came 56th (out of just over 11000 finishers).

Here are the full results.

Thanks to my support team, brilliant as always. Bec, Jode, Abs, Jon&Teri. And Gracie. (Although next time Gracie, get your shoes on and come racing).

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