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21 June 2012.


The media build-up was done.

The mindgames were behind us.

It was now time to hit the track. All that was left to do was drink and run (and projectile vomit).

Four brave athletes toed the startline. Timmons, Gracie, H-Bomb and therealmince. Both of the former title holders were in the race this year.

It was messy, it was tough, we dug deep.

It was loads and loads of fun.

Thanks to everyone. Fellow competitors, handycam operator, interviewer and cameraman Niceguy Eddie, and spectators encompassing family and friends.

The video footage can do a better job of telling the story, so without further ado…

show me the money


Finally, a couple of parting shots.

Scary what a race victory can do to a man. Or indeed what not winning can do…











And the all-important splits.






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