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Time constraints mean I’m unlikely to deliver the traditional end-of-year deep dive analysis we all love so much. Here are some high level bullet points instead.


  • 3,411 miles in 2019
  • 233 miles more than previous highest year
  • First injury free year since 2013
  • Weekly average of 65mi / 105km
  • Fulfilled long term ambition of averaging over 100k per week for a year


    • 3,000m 8:55.45 (11s PB)
    • 5,000m 15:30.36 (21s PB)
    • 10,000m 32:48.9 (0.5s PB)
    • parkrun 15:52 (14s PB)
    • Marathon 2:41:12 (2min15 PB)

And lastly a decade stat.

    • 28,585 miles run in the last 10 years at a weekly average of 55mi / 88km

I’m planning to write a short blog about some of the races I had in 2019. It was an unprecedented year for me, through not getting injured and being able to log consistent mileage and focussed long runs.

I love you TMR, Hajj, Oreganoproject, DC7, family, friends, fellow runners.




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