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2011, that’s a wrap

Let’s clear some numbers first. We all like numbers.

2011 was my biggest running year ever.

  • Total mileage 3183 miles.
  • Average 61 miles per week (98km).

By way of comparison, in 2010 I averaged 47 miles a week so this was a nearly a 30% increase.


More PB’s than in any previous year.

Out of all the road races I did this year, there were only two that were not PB’s. The first was the Robin Hood Marathon in which I paced Gracie to his impressive 3:04 London-qualifier. The second was the Birmingham Half, where I chased a too-optimistic (in hindsight, I concede it was too optimistic) target of 75 minutes, only to suffer the inevitable slowdown in the second half and end 30 seconds off my PB in 78:10. All my other road races were PB or PB-equalling performances.

2011 PBs:-
Distance Time Date Race Improvement on old PB
5km 00:16:12 16 April Parkrun 1 second
10km 00:35:00 18 December Telford 10k 4 seconds
10 miles 00:58:38 11 December Walsall Pudding Race 6 seconds
13.1 miles 01:17:36 4 September Kenilworth Half Marathon Equal PB
20 miles 02:06:06 13 March Ashby 20 Mile Road Race 7min 10 seconds
56km 04:17:22 23 April Two Oceans Ultramarathon 58min 38 seconds
Non Standard Distances
3 miles 0:16:06 21 May National Masters Road Champs 10 seconds
5.4 miles 0:30:51 9 April National 12-Stage Champs Long Leg 27 seconds
5.85km 0:20:04 24 September Midland 6-Stage Champs 7 seconds


The most surprising result was the 5k because I thought the shorter distance PB’s were pretty much out of reach.

The best race performance was probably knocking seven minutes off my 20 mile PB. Obviously the Two Oceans result was a rather large improvement, but that was more about having a very weak PB before. I don’t think the run on the day was particularly good. Also worth mentioning, for the sake of excuses, that I travelled from the UK a few days before (I know professional runners do it all the time, but I ain’t no pro!) and the fact that I roomed with a very poorly Hajjim member for two nights prior to the race, who sadly went on to DNS and miss the race with some awful flu L.

The other PB’s were all satisfying obviously, but are probably a fair indication of the training.

I do wonder how many more years I can cheat that Ageing Curve… I’m hoping for at least another four or five :-).


Thanks for all your support over the year.

Special mention to my awesome wife Bec, and our two girls who support me 100%. I can feel them with me every single mile I run. Thanks to my running-mad father-in-law for providing the other half of any number of running chats we’ve had this year, along with Teri – who has been caught up in the madness and started running too! Thanks also to my old school running buddies who knew the teenage me and haven’t yet had enough of my… (cough) sharp wit (Barrow, Simone, Snail, Enrique, Drew), thanks to all the Hajj crew (aforementioned plus PQ, Adam, Trev, Mike etc) and all my UK running buddies, daily running partner, NiceGuy Eddie, partner in anything-and-everything Gracie, Robbo, Timmons, RacingSnake Martin, Rich C, Rich G, Rich W, Ben, H-Bomb Stanton, Danni and all the others!

Keep running dudes, let’s punish 2012.

Peace out


















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